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Month-to-Month agreement?

Silver Bullet Price Page is available as a month-to-month subscription agreement. If you decide to end your use of the product, simply contact us and state when you'd like to discontinue your monthly billing.

We will have one simple question for you just before we discontinue your service: How did Silver Bullet fail to meet your expectations?

Annual billing available?

While we do prefer monthly agreements, we are happy to receive payment-in-full for 12 months at a time. The annual payment amount is simply 12 times the monthly fee for the subscription level you select.

Money-back guarantees?

You bet! We believe in our products and services so much, that we will immediately refund your Initial Coaching Fee within the first 30 days of use following completion of your implementation process.

We will ask this question just before refunding your money: How did Silver Bullet fail to meet your expectations?

Avoid subscription price increases?

Just like any product or service, you can be sure that our subscription rates will increase over time. If you would like to hedge against that price increase, we are willing to lock in today's price for up to three years with pre-payment in full. If you decide to discontinue use of the product before the end of your multi-year subscription, we will assess a $500 cancellation fee.

Enrolling in Silver Bullet Price Page couldn't be easier or more affordable!

Be sure to check with your distributor to see how they can help you enjoy the many benefits that Silver Bullet has to offer!


+ $500 Initial Setup Fee
  • Personal Setup Coach
  • 2 user licenses *
  • First HVAC brand **
  • Pre-loaded manufacturer brochures
  • Basic customization
  • Initial PriceBuilder setup
  • Unlimited text & email proposals
  • Consumer lender integration
  • Annual Silver Bullet tune-up
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+ $500 Initial Setup Fee
  • All STARTER features plus...
  • 3 user licenses *
  • Live best practices webinars
  • Customized literature library
  • Semi-annual Silver Bullet tune-ups
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+ $750 Initial Setup Fee
  • All PRO features plus...
  • 5 user licenses *
  • Pain-free wholesale price updates
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Quarterly Silver Bullet tune-ups
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+ $1,000 Initial Setup Fee
  • All PRO PLUS features plus...
  • 10 user licenses *
  • Pre-season 1-on-1 coaching sessions
  • Monthly Silver Bullet tune-ups
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*  Additional user licenses are available for only $29 per user per month.
For 10 or more additional users, please contact us to discuss special discounts.

**  Additional HVAC brands available at a 50% discount of Initial Setup and Monthly fees.

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